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The development of flavor and fragrance industry in Guangxi
2023-08-25 23:15:27

Since the 1990s, the world's spice industry has gradually achieved a high degree of monopoly, focusing on Western Europe, the United States and Japan, the world's top ten spice companies account for almost 70% of global sales. China has always been a large country of perfume cultivation, production and consumption, but the overall level of fragrance and fragrance industry is quite different from that of the international level. As the advanced technology flows into China in the process of global economic integration, China's spice and flavor industry will also be close to or synchronized with the advanced international level in a short time. There are thousands of spices and flavor manufacturers in China, of which more than 90% are small and medium-sized, with over 200 million annual sales and more than 50 "three capital" enterprises. Great changes in the international situation have brought good opportunities for the development of this industry.

Guangxi is rich in spice resources. The output of star anise, cinnamon, turpentine, cinnamon oil, anise oil and cinnamon has ranked first in the country for many years. However, the development of spice and fragrance industry is lagging behind and is not compatible with its resources. To this end, at the founding meeting of the Guangxi spice and fragrance industry association in October 2006, Chen Xiangwen, deputy director of the forestry bureau of the autonomous region, appealed: essence is the soul of flavoring products, spice industry is the foundation of flavor industry, and flavor industry is the inevitable development of spice industry. The flourishing flavor industry will inject vitality into the fragrance industry. It is imperative to speed up the development of flavor and fragrance industry.

Guangxi has an annual output of 5.25 million mu, accounting for 85% of the whole country and 50% of the world trade. Eight counties, such as Cangwu, have been awarded the title of "Township of Eight Points in China". Five hundred tons of anise oil are produced annually, accounting for 90% of the whole country and 80% of the world. There are 2.06 million mu of cinnamon and 1,000 mu of cinnamon oil are produced annually. Many tons, accounting for 50% of the country and 30% of the world, Fangcheng and other two districts (cities) were awarded the title of "Town of Cinnamon in China". Cinnamomum camphora, Osmanthus fragrans, Lingxiang, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Litsea cubeba and Cangzi are rich in resources. At present, there are more than 100 enterprises and enterprises engaged in spice, fragrance and fine varieties breeding, planting, production, processing, circulation, design and trade, and nine series of natural spices and flavor processed products are 43. The total output is 210 thousand tons, the output value is 200 million yuan, and the foreign exchange earning is about 100 million US dollars.

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