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 Case 1  Mr Coulson:

       My name is Nick Coulson and I come from Essential Ingredients Ltd. in the UK. My company mainly supplies Ransom Naturals, which sponsored Darwin's research on the origin of species. I have cooperated with Guangxi P&P Trading Co., Ltd. for more than 20 years. Norman, the company's president, is an honest man and a serious worker. The company has found some varieties for our company that we have been trying to find for a long time, so that our company can expand our business very well. At the same time, in the 20 years of our cooperation, the quality of the goods provided by the company is very good, fully in line with EU standards. The company is very trustworthy and the delivery is very fast and timely. This is the most pleasant supplier for our company.



Case 2

     In June 2014, experts from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, representing the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, visited our Cinnamon and Star Anise planting bases and had an in-depth exchange on our planting and agricultural products technology.

    The experts gave high praise to our company's management. After that, both sides started multifaceted cooperation in the field of agricultural products cultivation and processing. During the cooperation, the experts also provided very valuable guidance on our planting and processing technology, which further improved the quality of our products.

   As the exchange and cooperation between the two sides continue to deepen, our company's business will make even more significant progress in the world.


Company Profile

We, GUANGXI P&P TRADING Co., Ltd. are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of spices and herbs in southern China. Our main products include such spices as AD Ginger Whole and Flakes, AD Ginger Powder and Granules, Cassia Barks, Cassia sticks Scraped, Cassia Buds, Cassia Powder and Granules, Cassia Oils, Star Anise Whole, Star Anise Broken, Star Anise Powder and Granules, Star Anise Oils, and various medicinal herbs.

    The annual output of our factory is 2,000MT spice powders and 3,000MT Cassia and other spices and herbs products.

 Company History

The majority shareholder of GUANGXI P&P TRADING is Norman Wu, who has been in the field of spices and herbs for more than 30 years. He began working in a state-owned company engaged in the export of spices and herbs for 10 years since 1990. In 2003, he established his own factory Teng County Wu & Sons Spices Co., Ltd. and then in 2011 opened his own trading company Guangxi P&P Trading Co., Ltd. the main business scope being concentrated in the development, production and export of spices and medicinal herbs.


Our Team

   Our team includes QC Department, Product Department and Sales Department.

   QC Department supervises application of pesticides in our contracted farmsmonitors and controls heavy metals and other harmful substance in the products. In additionit also controls quality of our products in other respects.

   The physical and chemical analysis is carried out in our own laboratory; While analysis of pesticides residues, heavy metals and micros, in contracted certified 3rd party laboratory, such as Eurofins and Merieux NutriSciences.


Our advantage

   The advantage of our company lies in the traceability of goods and strict control of harmful and toxic substances.  

    All our varieties of raw materials are only sourced from audited and qualified suppliers.  We require suppliers to choose land with low heavy metals for their planting land.  And we require suppliers to use pesticides with low residues in accordance with our guidelines to ensure that our product pesticide residue limits meet EU and US standards.




During the course of processing, we design workshops in strict accordance with HACCP regulations, and strictly control harmful and toxic substances in each link.

 Capacity and Lead time


1. Cinnamon bark and cinnamon powder, 1000 metric tons/year.

2. Star anise and star anise powder, 500 metric tons/year.

3. Dried ginger and ginger powder: 500 metric tons/year.

4. Other spices and spice powders, 500 metric tons/year.

5. Medicinal materials: 500 metric tons/year.

 Lead Time: 20 days after conclusion of contract.

 Our Buyers

    Usually manufacturers of foods, animal feeds, and botanical products from EU, USA, Japan and South Korea buy our products. In addition, distributors from many parts of the world also buy our products.

   Such famous companies as FUCHS GMBH, GYMA EPICES, KRAUTER MIX, MARUBENI CORPORATION and DAIEI SANGYO KAISHA, LTD. have been buying from us.

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